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by - April 24, 2017

If I didn't sort my stuff last week, I wouldn't realize that I have a few skincare items from this brand because I didn't buy them all at once.  Well maybe, it just shows how interested I am in trying Innisfree products.  Plus, I also admire their environmental advocacy.

Now, it's time to talk about them in one post!

Eco Safety UV No Sebum Sunblock

I got to visit their store in Shanghai and I think I spent at least 30 minutes there checking out the products.  Funny thing, I only purchased one - this sunscreen.  😁

Instead of the strong sunblock scent, it has a citrusy fragrance.  It also contains sunflower oil and green tea.

It claims to control excess sebum production but I haven't noticed a significant difference yet.  Maybe it's because I use other products on my face and it's hard to tell which one contributes the most.  If I use it alone, it gives a demi-matte finish but it still feels slightly greasy when I touch it since it there's oil in the formula.

It's a nice everyday sunscreen and I think I can also use it when I'm at the beach or if I'm doing any outdoor activity.  A big watch-out though is the white cast it gives but other than that, I'm enjoying this because it feels pretty comfortable and it doesn't give me any irritation.  My face tends to hate sunscreen but this one works well.

Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

Here's one of Innisfree's most raved about products.  Actually, I believe everything in their Jeju Volcanic line is a hit!

This is the OG version and the other one called Super comes with a brown cap.  According to the brand site, Super can treat pores much better and OG is better in controlling grease.  Essentially, formula is similar and even the price too, so just pick one depending on the severity of your pore problem.

Btw, Kris bought this in Seoul last year for 12000 KRW or about 500++ php.

See?  Even for packaging, they're using biodegradable materials.  They're using soy as ink too!  Mother Earth would feel glad!  🍂

It's easy to spread all over the face.  It actually feels like you're putting icing on.  Haha!  

It leaves my skin feeling soft and extra clean.  There's no super tightening effect after rinsing it off.  

I haven't noticed any dramatic effects in terms of pore size so I'm thinking of using this at least twice a week but overall, I'm impressed.

Seaweed Capsule Recipe Pack

I got this for only 125 php on BeautyMNL.  

This wash-off mask comes in different variants and each one targets a specific skin concern.  I got Seaweed, a key ingredient for skin brightening as it is packed with Vitamin A and C.  

I initially thought it's only for one-time use since it's in a capsule type of packaging and it only contains 10ml of product, but no, you can actually use it at least 5 times.

I gotta admit, the heating effect freaked me out at first but later on, I loved it because it felt like a spa.  It's relaxing and it seems like the nasty dirt in my pores are melting away.  

I also thought that it's in clay formula, but it's actually gel-like.  I love that it's not messy to apply because it doesn't slide off the face.  There's no weird scent as well.

In terms of effect, it's similar with the pore clay mask above in a way but again, this variant is more for skin brightening.  Plus, it makes the skin really supple and refreshed.

It's Real Squeeze Mask in Rice and Manuka Honey

Innisfree is also known for their mask sheets.  I can recommend any variant.

I got these two from an online seller.  Rice is for brightening as well while Manuka Honey is for hydration.  

Key thing to know about this mask line is that, the sheet is thicker than the common ones and they made it that way to be able to lock the moisture in the skin.

I also find these greasy after the application.  It's like there's a serum on my face after I take the sheet off.

So, that's all!  Let me know in the comments below your favorite Innisfree products! 

What do you think?

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