Celeteque Matte Lipsticks

by - June 26, 2017

This has been the busiest and craziest month of my year so far.  Things have gotten very overwhelming and it's just so damn hard for me to keep up.  However, despite of juggling a lot of stuff currently, I'm still trying my best to find time to publish a post at least once a week.  As much as I want to rest or catch up on K-dramas and other TV shows whenever I get some free time, I would work on le blog instead.  Your girl got some dedication, huh?  Hahaha!  😊

In case you're wondering where's my video for June, please wait a little more.  I would make sure to upload it before the 30th.  Yep, that's my deadline.  Haha!

Meanwhile, I'm gonna talk about these matte lipsticks by Celeteque.  These are the ones I used in my video featuring 3 makeup looks.

Each costs 595 php.  Honestly, they're a little more expensive compared to other drugstore brands but if you find that other cheaper ones are too drying, you might still want to try these.


Nude is definitely my favorite from this bunch.  It's a peachy nude - so pretty!  If I want a bit more color but still want MLBB effect, I'd go for this instead of my usual brown nudes.

Ruby is a crimson red similar to Mac's Ruby Woo.  

Wine is a berry color.

All 3 of them are pigmented.  I was actually surprised that even Nude gives a nice color payoff.

Formula and Finish

These are not 100% flat matte lipsticks.  There's a tad bit of shine but with Nude, it's almost unnoticeable.

The formula contains Vitamin E, which helps prevent chapping and dryness.  I've used them many times already and so far, they haven't made my lips flaky.

I find them comfortable to wear even if they're not the most lightweight lippies and not the velvetty kind.  Compared to liquid lipsticks and other ultra-matte lipsticks, they don't make the lips appear wrinkly too.


They are also not the creamy type so there's a bit of tugging.  Also, Ruby and Wine are harder to apply neatly as expected.  They don't bleed though.  They just get messy when I'm trying to clean up the edges. Better to use a brush when blending the color.

Lasting Power

All of them are not transfer nor budge-proof but they leave a bit of stain except Nude.  

I'd say that these are better than the Revlon Matte Balm that I have tried before.  These do not create nasty stuff in the inner corners and they appear more matte.  

The application could be tricky except for Nude.  Ruby and Wine could appear patchy on the first swipe but when you start building the color, they would look great.

No doubt, I would recommend Nude in case you wanna buy one from the collection.  It's a typical color but still, you'd need one!  Haha!  It's so flattering and could be paired with any eye makeup. 😍

That's all for the Celeteque makeup posts!  Here are my top picks:

  • CC Powder
  • Matte Lipstick in Nude
  • Eyeshadow Palette in Warm Brown
  • Primer
  • Eyebrow Kit in Medium Brown

What do you think?  Have you tried any makeup from the brand?

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