Maybelline Matte and Poreless Foundation in Natural Beige

by - August 18, 2018

Sometimes, when stress hits you, it hits you real hard.  It's like the universe is saying, "hey kid, you gotta try this new resiliency test" and you're like, WTH.  😪

But of course, after some serious thinking of what to do next, you just have to look at the brighter side.  Surely, you are going to be one level tougher once you overcome life's series of throwing problems your way.  You got this.

So enough with the how-to-deal-with-stress intro.  Tonight, I'm featuring one of most-raved about drugstore foundations.  My greasy gals, you better finish reading this post.  😚

I've seen this the first time in one of Kathleen Light's videos.  Her skin type is actually dry so she's mixing this with the other variant called Dewy and Smooth.  Since I'm dealing with an oil factory, I decided to give Matte and Poreless a try.

The liquid foundation is housed in a glass packaging and it doesn't come with a pump.  Even though it gives me a hard time because the amount that comes out is not easy to control due to the watery and runny consistency, it still doesn't cause a mess.  You can still throw it in your travel bag.  Just make sure to put it in upright position while opening the bottle.

Mine is in the shade Natural Beige or 220.  I believe in local Maybelline counters, you'll see like 4 to 5 shades fit for Filipina skin tones.

It's priced at 399 php.  Affordable.  Good deal.

I usually apply it with a very dense brush because it gets blended out easily and more nicely rather than when using my RT sponge.  Fingers work well too.

As you can see, it really gives a foundation-like finish but applying a thin layer would still look natural.  Coverage is medium to heavy.

It gives a smoother canvass and an even skin tone.  It could also cover up redness and other blemishes.  Since I normally opt for a thin layer, I would still need a bit of help from my concealer for those annoying dark circles and spots.  For me, it's better that way instead of adding more foundation and looking like you're wearing a mask.

The finish is matte (you don't say) and it feels powdery.  I like that it's not tacky and you could really skip powder.  

Now, for the most interesting part - oil-control.

It can keep the grease at bay for at least 5 to 6 hours.  It's a different story though if we're talking about wearing this under PH summer heat.  When excess sebum gets in the way, the foundation won't become patchy.  All I have to deal with is a shiny t-zone.  😛

So yep, this definitely goes to my Must-Have Makeup to Beat Oily Skin list.  Well, there's no official list yet so I better start working on that, right?  Haha!  😁

Oh, before I forget, let me know if you want a throwdown post featuring Maybelline Matte & Poreless and Loreal Infallible Pro-Matte foundation.

your sweetest drug,

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