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by - February 01, 2020

Maynila date?  Why not! 😉

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Intramuros is one of the historic sites here in the Philippines.  It withstood the test of time and its iconic walls witnessed significant events that shaped the very foundation of our society today.  Wow, very essay intro naman to HAHA! 😂 

If these walls could talk, I’d love to hear the story and be taken back.

In this modern time, it’s unlikely to be a go-to place on a holiday or long weekend but there we were, probably on our 4th or 5th time exploring, rediscovering this walled city. 

Within this walled city, you can find churches, museums, ruins and more.  You can do a walking tour, rent a pedicab or kalesa or like us, ride a bike.  You can also book a tour to maximize your time.

After reserving a bamboo bike, we checked out Casa Manila which is just beside Bambike Ecotours.

Casa Manila is a replica of Spanish colonial house.  The furniture, antique fixes and artworks reflect an upper class lifestyle in the 19th century.

Visitors are only allowed to walk on the red carpet except in the kitchen and bathroom.  It consists of 3 floors and the exit will lead you to the courtyard.

It's bike time!

Our time was a limited because it’s already around 4pm when we started so I suggest going here at least by noon to get to check out more places.  

Fort Santiago is the main fortress in Intramuros.  It was built by the Spaniards after the establishment of the city of Manila.  When British invaded, it served as Royal Navy’s base of operations.  Upon American colonial period, the American flag was raised here.  Then came the Japanese Imperial Army.  The fort was essentially destroyed during WWII but today, its reconstructed walls still stand as one of the most important historical sites in Manila.

It’s amusing how something old and often forgotten reminds us of its timeless beauty amidst this chaotic, fast-paced city life.

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