Apps You'll Love - Part 2

by - February 07, 2012

Yay, its back for more!

Sharing to you a part two of Apps You'll Love on your iOS device. :)

1. Temple Run (FREE)

Yep, I know its too late to inform you guys about this game.  Everyone's addicted already!  Run away from the demon monkeys!

2. Flip it (FREE)

Test your reflexes with this game!  Try this when your tipsy, might be a good drinking game...HAHA!

3. SimSimi (FREE)

Need someone to talk to? SimSimi the chatting robot is a fun alternative to Siri.  :P

4. Tilt to Live Lite (FREE)

Thanks to KM for recommending this app!  This brought me sleepless nights...HAHA!  You can also try the Paid Version since it has various mode to choose from.

5. Grisly Manor (FREE)

I was hooked at Mystery Case File and Ravenhearst before, but now, I found a similar game perfect for my phone.  Too bad, I think I'm stuck...HAHA!  Help me here okay? :)

6. Voxer (FREE)

I think I'll go for this instead of iMessage.  This is a very handy app. :)  Thanks Poy for recommending! Connect this to your FB account so you can easily find your friends!  

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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What do you think?