Masisseoyo! 맛있어요! - Part 1

by - February 17, 2012

Sharing to you some Korean food I tried... :)

My friends know me as a Korean fanatic.  I even studied Hangul (Korean language) on my own.  Now, I can read and write but not perfectly though. :P

I haven't tried eating in a Korean restaurant so I just go to some Korean convenient stores around the city.

Here's Milkis... a SODA MILK drink! :)  Kinda weird huh?  Wait until you try it.  I'd rather choose this than a regular soft drink.  I believe this is available in some 7-11 stores.  

Sarigomtang?  It tasted like chicken noodles.  I added egg just like with my favorite "Lucky Me". :)

Instant Jjajangmyeon or Korean Black Bean noodles.  If you watched Coffee Prince or Witch Yoo Hee, this would be familiar. :)  I really did not like it that much, but I still want to try the non-instant one.  It has a strong bean-ish flavor.  

That's it for now... :)  See you on the next part!

What do you think?

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