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Bohol can definitely make tourists feel like they are in a paradise.  It's one of those places where you can experience nature at it's finest.  Beach, historical landmark, wildlife and of course, the majestic chocolate hills... all in the island of Bohol.

From Cebu, we crossed the sea and experienced the wonderful Bohol.  We took a day trip tour package from 4L Travel and Tours.  We had around 8 stops from Blood Compact to the Hanging Bridge.  Let me share the pictures!

Since it's a one day trip, we had to wake up early to catch the boat transfer schedule.  Whew!  I thought I'd only see the sunrise when I go home from work because of night shift.

First stop... Blood Compact.  A quick picture taking would do. 

Next... Prony's!

If you're wondering who's Prony... it's the python above.  You can also call this scary snake... Prown-Prown... HAHA! :P May nickname pa talaga?!

We also saw some wild animals... this crocodile not included. :P

Next... Butterfly Garden.  I enjoyed this place!

They also showed us the life cycle of a butterfly.  Felt like a field trip! :)  

Just in time for lunch... we reached Loboc River.  Eat while you enjoy the beautiful scenery and background music from a local.

They served barbecue, shrimp, chicken and many more.  From appetizers to fresh fruits for dessert.  Eat all you can! 

Your visit to Bohol won't be complete without seeing the tarsiers.

I can relate to these precious nocturnal animals.  Should be sleeping at day time and awake at night.  :P  

Remember.... flash photography is not allowed.  

This man-made forest really reminds me of Twilight.  

I'll share my Lookbook post for this trip tomorrow.  We took the photos here. :)

When I was in grade school, I always chose to draw Chocolate Hills for our Sibika at Kultura subject.  All I need was a brown crayon.  Effortless!  HAHA!  "For I can't draw problems.."

You'll really wonder how these land forms are created.  Amazing.  

It was tiring to go up because of the loooooooooooong stairs, but it's worth it.  

For our last stop, we went to the hanging bridge.  

If there's a chance for me to go back, I'll definitely visit Panglao to see Bohol's beautiful white sand beach.  

What do you think? 

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  1. "We had around 8 stops from Blood Compact to the Hanging Bridge."

    At first I thought the Hanging Bridge was a place where people had been put to death!

    "Blood Compact" "Hanging Bridge" !?!?

    I need to get out more. : )

  2. hi, can i use your pictures for my website?? i need pictures of tourists visiting bohol..

    1. sure! just don't remove my watermark. thanks! :)

    2. ok2.. thank you so much.. :)) i will put the link of your blog in my website.. :))


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