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by - September 09, 2014

This is the first Lookbook post featuring our latest collection, A Touch of Flair!  Have you already checked out the full set?

I know most of us neglect this specific color palette when it comes to clothes (but for makeup, for sure everyone loves neutral tones).  Oh well, I can't blame you.  I kinda think of nude outfits as plain vanilla ice cream.  First impression would be lifeless and boring.  Bland, maybe.  It's almost like, it will never be anyone's first choice.  But once you mix it with something else, it pretty much stands out on its own.  Eventually, you'd get to know how "vivid" it can be.

Take this look as an example.  I didn't pair the neutral dress with any other color on purpose.  I even made it more distinct by matching a pair of nude shoes.  To slightly add contrast, I put on a skinny brown belt.

Aside from the structured  fit and texture, I like the fabric and particularly, the skirt part.  See the folds? :)

Nude outfits are very minimalist looking.  They have this classy and timeless vibe.  That style is almost similar to black and white pairing.

Here are some tips on how to wear nude.  #seewhatyoudidthere

1) Play with textures.  If you can see, this dress has a houndstooth pattern. It's very subtle, but still adds a modern, trendy touch.

2) If you're not in the mood to go head to toe nude, mix it with other neutral colors like beige, pale peach, soft pink or camel shades.  Though you still wanna keep it really monochromatic.

3) Pair it with white for a more delicate though sophisticated look, or black for a more polished look.

4) They also say that we must match the nude color with our own skin color.  If you're going to wear a full nude dress, make sure to check if it really complements your complexion.

5) Avoid nude/skin tone leggings - especially if you're wearing a short top or very short dress.  This is just a personal opinion.  I hate the effect.  *peace

What do you think?

Dress from The Chic Closet

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