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by - September 14, 2014

Lip tints are my absolute fave!  Actually, ever since I tried one, I couldn't help but be addicted because the color it gives is what I really need.  You know, those natural-looking stained lips, it would seem you just sucked a fruity lollipop.

Have you already tried gradient lips?  It's a trend especially in Korea and that made lip tints to become a fad as well.  It's indeed a fresh alternative to full lip color.

So, let's start with the product review.  Shall we?

Here's Delight Tony Tint by obviously, Tony Moly.  Do you like the simple, yet sleek packaging?  From the outside, you can instantly tell how red it is.


I picked the first shade called Cherry Pink.  The second one is called Red (very straightforward) and the last one is an orange shade called Orange Cha Cha.

It's actually more of a cherry red than cherry pink, maybe a little less intense than Red.  Believe me.  This is VERY pigmented.  I was super thrilled knowing that I was able to get a great second lip tint.

It looks very bloody.  An extremely rich cherry red indeed!


Since the form is watery, it looks natural when it dries on the lips.  I think all lip tints in this type have that kind of finish.


As expected, there's a wand applicator, but compared to regular ones, Delight Tony tint's has a slanted shape.  The angle of the photo below doesn't show it though.  It doesn't make much of a difference in terms of application.  Nevertheless, it's in good quality.

Applying water-based lip tints is not tricky.  One thing to be careful about is to not apply a huge amount in one swipe because it tends to spread all over as you blend.


Yes, it's watery but there's a tiny bit of thickness into it.  It's very easy to blend even with your own lips or a finger.

Here's a photo showing The Face Shop My Lips Eat Cherry and Tony Moly Delight Tony swatches.


Oh man, it is long-wearing!  Even after eating or drinking, you'll still have slightly tinted lips.  Two things it cannot stand though are salt and pool water.  Yep, not beach and swimming pool proof.

Another thing to love about this is that, it doesn't budge.  It doesn't transfer easily on tissues, straws or cups.  I can't say the exact time, but I think it can last at least 6 hours!  There's some fading of course but it really clings to the lips.

When it's time to remove, I use my makeup remover.  Washing it off with water will decrease the opaqueness but it will be definitely hard to remove it completely.

Lower-right photo shows a slightly gradient effect.  I will be doing a post about that lip look separately.


It's not super drying, but still, you'd need your lip balm.

See how vivid my lips look?

The color is still buildable, though I think one good swipe is enough to get the actual color payoff.  I also have to inform you that this tint dries up fast so you have to be quick after application.

This is how it looks like on the lips and this is where I apply it first to achieve that Korean gradient style.

You would be missing half of your lip tint's greatness if you don't use it as a cheek tint.  Delight Tony works just as great as a blush.  I love to apply it this way for that pinched cheeks effect.

See the transition?  From bare to tinted cheeks and lips.

This tint also smells (and tastes) nice, very fruity.

Even the smallest drop can make your look brighter and perkier.

One last #selfie!

Overall, I'm very happy with this product.  I'd love to repurchase because color is really nice and incredibly vivid and it lasts long.  It's impossible to look pale with Delight Tony tint!

What do you think?

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  1. how did you apply it to achieve the gradient lips? it looked really nice :)

    1. Hi! Thanks for dropping by!

      I just apply it directly first on the inner part and blend it out. To make the gradient effect more noticeable, you can lightly brush powder/concealer/foundation on the outer part of your lips. :)


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