The Chic Closet - New Models!

by - September 19, 2014

Let me share some photos from part 2 of our photoshoot.  I dragged my sister, Micha (again), my cousin and co-owner, Chamie and another cousin of mine, Bless to model some of the clothes included in A Touch of Flair collection and in our previous sets as well.  Our intent is to show shoppers how the pieces fit medium to large frames.

Hope you like these!

By the way, I did the hair and makeup.  They did the styling.  Aaaaaaannd I took and post-processed all the photos.  #multitasking

We loved the results so expect to see them again when we release our next collection!

Here are some of my fave shots!

By the way, shipping fee is on us!!!  Free shipping nationwide!

I like the eye shadow combo.  :)

What do you think?

Ooh, before I end this post, let's move the spotlight to Kris.  Yey!

My photographer's turn!

your sweetest drug,

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What do you think?