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by - October 06, 2014

Sorry for the 2 consecutive MUAH posts!  I just thought I shouldn't delay this any further.

So, as I have probably mentioned many times here in my blog, I was hating my roots big time because the color went down and it was so prominent.  I wanted to go to the salon to have it retouched but the price scared me.  With that, I opted for another solution and just looked for a cheaper alternative.

Since I knew it would be very hard for me to color my own hair, Etude House's version of bubble hair coloring comes super handy.

I picked this reddish brown color called Cherry Brown.  This by the way, costs around 600 php.

There are a couple of colors to choose from.  I saw 6 or 7 I think, including black.

Bubble hair coloring is not the usual drugstore type like Revlon, L'Oreal, etc.  It's supposed to make your life easier because you just need to "shampoo" the formula.

It's my first time to try it.  I saw my cousin used it twice and I was not very convinced with the result.  But you know, I still had to see the effect to my own hair. 

In the box, you'll see these.  

The bottle looks cute.  You can even reuse this and put in maybe, hand soap or your shower gel.

A pair of gloves and a plastic are also included.

The "user manual" is in Korean but there are illustrations which I think are pretty much straightforward.

There's also a Silky Perfumed Treatment to be applied as you wash your hair.

The actual product is in this sachet-like packaging.  You don't need to mix 2 or 3 or 4 things unlike other ready-made hair coloring.  Easy, right?

Before starting, make sure to wear an old t-shirt or top.  Cover yourself with the plastic too.

Don't forget the gloves!

First step, prep the mixture!

Remember, you have to remove this lock or else you won't be able to dispense the product.

Time to mix it girl!

Twist the seal and break it.

Afterwards, pour it carefully in the bottle.

It's very watery and the scent is not bad.  Once you're done pouring, shake it gently, but not too much.

I sectioned my hair into 2 parts, lower and upper.  However, with this type of hair coloring, I think this step is optional because again, it's shampoo-type.

Look how foamy it is.

I grabbed smaller sections like so and shampooed them with the coloring.  One important tip I could give is to color the roots last.  That should be the last step because they absorb color much faster than the rest of the hair.

Continue to re-apply until your hair is fully soaked with the formula.

There's no annoying ammonia-ish scent but gaaaad, it still hurt.  I can't think of the exact word, but it's in the middle of itchy and stinging.  I felt that very uncomfortable sensation on my scalp and I gotta tell you, I freaked out a bit.

I can't also count the number of hair strands I got around my fingers.

I just thought that maybe I really do have a very sensitive scalp.  Hence, that reaction.

I started to see some parts with that wine color and I got excited.  HAHA!

After washing and rinsing... looked darker.

Of course, it's nowhere near the photo on the box.  The saleslady told me that to achieve that color I need to bleach my hair which I don't think I'd do ever.  

Here's the result the day after.

Back to dark hair!  Yay!

Better roots.  Better hair color!

It also didn't dry out my hair too much.  Very thankful for that.

However, after a couple of days, the color wore off.  Too bad.


It became brown but not as light as before.

photo yesterday

I would say Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring is not 100% effective in terms of longevity.  The color is great though.

Then again, I think the whole coloring-your-hair thing is really a chemistry because as the formula works with your natural or dyed hair, the result will really vary.  Shampoo and other hair products also have an effect.  They can make it lighter or saturated, it depends.

So, will I repurchase?  Yes.  Once my roots annoy me again, it would be the time to buy another box and fix that crap. :P

What do you think?

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your sweetest drug,

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  1. sad to hear that the color wore off after a few days :( maybe the trick is leaving it longer? but then again, it might make the hair very dry and sticky na. i left mine for 45 minutes.. It was orangey at first then that color wore off din after sometime. Will still try the wine red color next time hihi! :)

    Thank for dropping by my site :)

    1. yep, i think its nice to use to touch up the color especially in the the roots. thanks for visiting as well! :)


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