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by - April 16, 2016

I have a love-and-hate kind of relationship with waterproof mascaras.  I mean, they're generally okay and a girl needs one because of obvious reasons but personally, I don't prefer them over the water-resistant ones.

I know I would feel more confident having them on my lashes without worrying if I would look like a panda at the end of the day, but I don't want the struggle of removing them.

For everyday use, I'd definitely grab my normal mascara but for special occasions, I admit, I would need Mrs. Waterproof.

That's why I bought this baby aside from the fact that it was on sale.  From 199, I only got it for 150 php.

Actually, I've heard about positive reviews about Maybelline Hypercurl and I'm not surprised because the brand makes a lot of great mascaras.  My favorite is their Rocket Volum' - highly recommended.

I like the black and pink packaging.  So sleek.

It comes with a slightly chubby and curved wand and the bristles are not rubbery.

I think I don't need to talk much about this mascara because it's better to just show you the before-and-after photos.

Here you go.

As usual, I didn't apply eyeliner and I also didn't use a curler prior (coz I don't have one), so that's all Hypercurl's effect.

From sad to perky lashes!

The formula is a bit fiber-ish which is fine with me because it creates extra volume and length.  I'm kinda into spidery lashes so that's perfect.

In these photos, it may look a little messy and that's because the tube is nearing drought.  I don't why that happened even though I don't use it often and even if the cap is always closed tightly.  

For those who also have Hypercurl, does yours easily dry out too?

Good thing, those tiny clumps did not fall all throughout the day.  I was actually worried that it would leave a mess since it's super hot and humid but no, it didn't budge too much.

After 12 hours...

It survived my greasy skin!  There's only very minimal mess on the lower outer corners.

That's the messiest it can get!  It's not the type of mascara that runs down your face.  Hooray!

However, my huge problem with Hypercurl is that, it gives me a freaking hard time whenever I remove it.  I know that's how it's supposed to work but like I said, I'd prefer one that's not too difficult to take off and at the same time, one that stays on my lashes the entire day even if I don't know, someone splashes water onto my face or when I need to stand in the rain, which I'm not sure why I would do.  Haha!

Anyway, it's still great overall.  Maybe one coat is more manageable to remove and less speckles would get all over my eye area.

What do you think?

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