One Brand Review - ELF

by - August 21, 2016

I'm really loving the look I did here.  I'm thinking of drawing cat eye liner next time to glam it up even more.

Yea, you can scroll down the page to check out what I'm talking about.  Haha!  Or you can stay here and read the review part first.

So tonight I'm writing about 3 different products from the same brand - ELF.  There are actually two other ones, one lipstick and mattifying balm but I thought of doing a separate post for those.

For these bunch on the other hand, I think I won't go on rambling too much so I thought of combining them.

Let's start with the eye makeup first.

Long Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow in Toast and Party

These are basically glittery eye shadow pots.  I said glittery and not metallic or shimmery because there are indeed specks of glitter in the formula.  They are not in chunks though - still subtle and nice.

They feel wet and have some kind of moussy texture.  Such products do tend to dry out and become like a stone if you don't close it tightly.  :P

I must say, these are not for blending.  It is better if you use 'em when you want to pack on colors on the lids.  

I apply them using a synthetic brush or just a finger.  The gold one applies very nicely but the dark one is patchy.  

As you can see, they both lack in pigment but on the eyes and on top of primer, they're good enough.

I also don't have much to say in terms of lasting power yet but I don't think I would wear them without primer underneath anyway so no worries about that part.

Here's how a wash of Toast on the lids looks like.  Then, I used Party to deepen my outer corners.  I also put on a berry shimmery color to blend on the crease.

Yay!  I really like how it turned out!  Who wants a tutorial?

Eye Widener Pencil

This one, I hate the most.

You know me.  I love me a good white pencil for the waterlines so I was excited to use this.  Unfortunately, we're not meant to be.  Haha!

It's very streaky and extra extra creamy.  As I apply it directly on my waterlines, the product breaks and it just causes a mess rather than creating color.  Ugh.

I tried to find a way so I tried using a brush to apply it but I still couldn't get the color that I want.

With that, I might just toss this one away.

Baked Bronzer in Los Cabos

I've already mentioned that I use this on the eyes as well because as a bronzer, the color is too light on me.  However, since I don't have a new bronzer yet, I'm trying to make it work.  A very subtle bronze is okay for me so far.

It has a sheen to it and that makes it so nice to use as an eye shadow.  In fact, I use this almost everyday.  I sometimes use it alone and just pairing it with a tightline and mascara, then I'm all set.

Here's the swatch.

It doesn't give me any problems when I blend it but like I said, if I want to use it on my cheeks, I have to load up my brush with a lot of product or go dip a few times to really get a good amount the color payoff on my skin tone.

So that's everything for now!  More product reviews are coming your way as I finish editing a total of 3 videos.  I still haven't filmed the beauty haul so that might come waaaay later.  I hope you still watch out for that though!

Have a great week ahead!

your sweetest drug,

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