Colourpop Liquid Lipsticks - Swatch Video + Review

by - May 09, 2017

As promised, here's the swatch video featuring my 6 Colourpop liquid lipsticks.  I think I have talked about the important deets there already, but let me sum it up here as well.

Note though that some of the shades appear differently here because of my lighting.  I only noticed it upon editing so I suggest to check out the photos below.  Also, excuse the messy application!

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I have 5 Ultra Mattes and 1 Ultra Satin and all of them are not-so recent shades.  Next time, I'll make sure to grab a handful of new ones.  😉

They are priced at 6 USD each (I said 8 in the video, sorry) and definitely, one of the most affordable liquid lipsticks in the makeup world.

Some of the shades also have an equivalent lippie pencil and you can get them separately.

These are my 5 Ultra Mattes.  This formula is described as

"...thin, lightweight that smoothly glides on the lips leaving SUPER intense pigment with a bold, ultra-matte look. It is very long-wearing and 100% kiss-proof AKA no transferring!"

My only Ultra Satin is in the shade Prim.  This formula is described as:

"A creamy, bold lipstick with a satin finish. This formula has the same high percentage of pigments as an Ultra Matte Lip but contains emollient ingredients for added moisture, keeping lips looking fresh and feeling super comfortable.  Though this lipstick is super long-wearing, it is not completely kiss-proof and does transfer."

Some people who find matte liquid lipsticks very drying and uncomfortable go for the Ultra Satin ones.

Colourpop also has collaborated with a number of Youtube personalities and influencers like Kathleen Lights and Jenn Im (my favorites). The one I scored is co-created by Karrueche Tran.  They also released two other colors and a few Super Shock Shadows from the same collection.

Before I talk about each color, let me show you a close-up photo of the doe-foot applicator.

Like I said in the video, the size is not consistent.  Some tips are slimmer and some are fluffy.  Good thing, they're still in good quality.  Although, I would prefer a slimmer tip because it helps in creating a less messy outline.


Color payoff is very impressive.  Out of all the liquid lipsticks I have tried so far, these are the richest  and most pigmented.  Given the price point, it's hard to beat.

Beeper is an old rose, brown pink color.  I love how it looks like a darker version of a typical MLBB shade.  It's super wearable and can go nicely with any eye makeup.  It suits my morena complexion very well too.

Kae is a deep warm brown color.  It has a grungy 90's vibe to it and I can imagine it looking so perfect with darker skin tones.

Kapow is a slightly cool-toned purple gray color.  I didn't expect that it would look good on medium skin tone.  It's definitely not an everyday lipstick but whatever, I would still wear it.  Haha!  😄

Prim is described as a blackened red.  On sheer application, I could see hints of berry but if worn as a full lip, it looks like a very deep red.

Solow is a bright pink, a color that I don't usually wear.  Hihi.  😊

Trap is described as dusty greige.  For me, it's a muted pink lilac-ish color with hints of gray.  


I normally do one swipe and just blend it quickly, but that's not because doing a full lip is difficult.  It's manageable except for darker colors since they require extra effort if you want a very neat application.  

As for Prim, I would suggest using a lip liner first then fill in because if not, cleaning up the edges will likely be a nightmare.  The color goes everywhere once you start wiping the color off.


Ultra Mattes have a strange sour-ish scent but only if you smell it up close and while putting it on, it's unnoticeable.  My Ultra Satin smells better.  It has a slight vanilla fragrance.

All of them has a thin yet creamy and smooth consistency except Kae.  Maybe it's because I have used it more frequently than the others and it's starting to dry out already.

They don't dry that fast during application so you have ample time to fill in your lips and blend the product in.

Of course, since it's a matte liquid lipstick, you can still feel that you're wearing something, but they do feel light and comfortable.  The best part, there's no tackiness whatsoever.  

All of my mattes are also not streaky even Kae, which is a dark shade.  I don't need to do layers to get a full color. 

Some shades don't look too "dry" on the lips.  The problem I have with a few shades and with other liquid lipsticks, they emphasize the lines too much to the point that my lips would look like a dried plum.  Haha!  😜

Lasting Power

Ultra Mattes are 100% transfer-proof.  They don't budge once they're fully dried.  Even when drinking, they stay put.  During meals though, they would start to fade and crumble on the inner part which is okay for some shades because they still look fine.  For other colors though, I would take them off completely and just re-apply if I need to.

I also noticed that Prim and Solow stain the lips so as the product transfers, the color appears to fade evenly.

Color Dupes

I only found dupes for Kae and Solow.

This one, I have already shown you on my post about Wet N Wild Megalast Lipstick.  They don't have the same finish obviously and I have to really build up Night Cap to get almost the same intensity, but the color looks similar.

Yes, that's really the name of this shade by Detail and yes, it's my name!  Haha!  😄

I know, these are not dupes but it's close and Solow is just warmer.

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Hopefully, I can release a second video this May.  I already have something in mind but crossing my fingers that my camera would get fixed soon.  Huhu!  😭

Watch til the end of the video to know my top 3 shades.  Let me know as well in the comments below which one do you like most and what other shades do I need to get.  

your sweetest drug,

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