Missha Foot Doctor 30-Minute Peeling Mask

by - May 13, 2017

My friend told me about this interesting product and the way she described it suddenly left me so curious. Well, it isn't an typical foot mask that would soften your feet.  It actually makes the skin to peel!

A lot of Korean brands sell those but what I got is this one from Missha and it's called Foot Doctor.  I got it from Yeppunnonie Ph.

Before you scroll down, be warned that photos below don't look pretty, okay?

I didn't do any research but I knew it's just as simple as "soak and wait".

It comes with a sock-like plastic which contains the formula.

When putting these on, be careful because the liquid inside might spill.  Make sure you secure the ankle part.

I was actually waiting for the peeling thing to start as soon as I took off the "socks" but nothing happened.  My feet only became really soft.  I thought it's because I didn't rinse it but after 3 days, I suddenly felt like something got stuck on my feet.  When I checked it out, it was actually a big flake of skin.  Haha! 😄

Photo above was taken right after I wiped off my feet with dry towel.  Below was taken 3 days after.

Skin started to peel off even the parts where I had callus.  That chunk of skin on my palm was from my heel.

Surprisingly, it's easy to peel off but it's a bit ticklish.  😊

The peeling took a good week, so I wasn't able to wear sandals 3 days after the treatment.  That's a downside.

Now, my heels are dry but not yet cracked unlike before.  After the whole peeling thing, my feet became soft and smooth.  I really recommend this especially to those who don't have time to go out for a foot spa.

your sweetest drug,

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