Skin Genie Lip and Cheek Stain Alive in Burgundy Wine

by - May 15, 2017

Many locally made lip tints have been popping up recently and I've also seen a lot of great reviews about them.  Well, I've tried a couple from Korean brands and I wouldn't argue that they're generally amazing, but you know me, I'm that type who loves to support homegrown brands so I just had to get one.

When I did a mini shopping spree on (click here to watch the haul video), I stumbled upon Skin Genie's Lip and Cheek Stain Alive.  The product name is catchy, but it took me some time to get the idea behind it.  Hahaha!  Still don't get it?  Want me to play a Bee Gees song?  😤

Korean lip tints usually come in 3 to 6 shades, so it's great to see a wider color selection and not to mention, they're not your usual red, pink and orange.  I wanted something purple so I got Burgundy Wine.

Each 10ml bottle costs 80 php - very affordable right?!  Even cheaper than your tall frappe.  Hihi.  😏

Color and Formula

Burgundy Wine looks like an eggplant color but there's still hints of red.  They actually have a shade called Eggplant, which is a true violet color.

Compared to very insanely pigmented lip tints I've tried, I would say that this gives a nice flush of color yet still buildable.  Maybe it's because the formula is very watery.

I don't see it as a downside though because on some products like blushes and tints, I would prefer something that I could gradually intensify rather than getting a full blast of color on one swipe.  

I also don't find it very drying and possibly, that's due to the fact that this lip tint is water-based and made of food colorants.  

As for the scent or flavor, think of melons!  😁


It's my first time to apply a tint with a roller ball applicator.  For me, it is actually not very "user-friendly" because it's hard to control the amount of product and most of the time, I would end up having a splotchy application.

I would suggest rolling the ball with a finger and dab the product on your lips.  That way, you can distribute the tint more evenly and do gradient lips easily.

Lasting Power

On the cheeks, it pretty much lasts the entire day even on my oily skin.  If you do powder touch ups, color might get unnoticeable though. 

On the lips, the stain gradually fades after meals but I wouldn't mind reapplying.

I'm really loving this!  I don't regret picking a not-so common color!  Although, it makes my lips appear naturally darker sometimes.  😃

The way my lips look here in the photos seems weird and very uneven and I realized that it's because I didn't wipe off my lip balm before applying the tint.  The one I'm currently using is very waxy so it somehow messes up not just this tint but any lip product I put on top of it.

If you're into lip tints, make sure to add this to your collection!

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