Beauty Board - Green and Gray Eyes + Raspberry Lips

by - April 20, 2014

I tried another makeup look for my #sisterswedding so that means, another Beauty Board post. Yay!  But unfortunately, I wasn't able to take photos while I was doing it because we were all in a hurry!  We arrived around 8AM and after a quick breakfast, we rushed.  Pft.  We didn't even get a chance to rest for a minute.  Talking about crunch time!

Anyway, sharing today some photos annoying selfie of the look.  Eye makeup is a simple combination of green and gray.  As for the lips, I used my EM lippie (a review will be posted soon) which is in a raspberry color.    

To accentuate the eyes more, I put on false lashes.  

Soft curls for le hair!

Actually, I tried pairing the eye makeup with a soft/nude pink lips too.  

What do you think?

Just a quick #fotd post.

Anyway, Happy Easter!

your sweetest drug,

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