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by - April 17, 2014

Wet N Wild is one of the drugstore brands that's offering high-quality lippies in various shades and in a very affordable price.  My cousin bought one and I tried it several times too.  Check it out.


I don't like their case for the classic lipsticks.  It's like an eggshell, very easy to break.  Moreover, the bullet sticks out ,so when you put on the cover, tendency is you'll hit and damage it.  Check the first photo for the actual sample.  HAHA!  But then again, you don't get to complain because it's inexpensive.


This is called Hot Paris Pink.  It's a lovely coral pink shade, perfect for all skin tones.  The kind of bright pink you'd wear everyday.

Good color payoff too.  Just one glide and you'll already get an opaque shade on your lips.


Silky finish. It looks a little glossy.


It won't give you a hard time.  It's easy to control and glide all over the lips.  No dragging or pulling.


It feels soft and smooth.  I didn't encounter any dryness or flakiness.  You can even wear this alone, without balm or gloss.  


It lasts 2-4 hours without eating or drinking.

Price is only around 100 php.  Not bad, right?

What do you think?

You can find Wet N Wild in any major malls here in the metro.

your sweetest drug,

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  1. Wow!! This is sooo affordable. I want this lippie! XD
    ~Pauline @ Kallony

    1. yep, wet n wild lippies are good and very inexpensive!


What do you think?