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by - April 13, 2014

Today, I'm sharing a Korean restaurant we tried 2 weeks ago.  It's good but not recommended if you are looking for something more authentic.

Kogi Bulgogi serves famous Korean dishes, but they do not have grills on their tables.  It's a casual dining setting and not too fancy-looking.  I also noticed that it's rare to see other branches in major malls.  According to their page, they could be found in Eastwood, Lucky Chinatown, Gateway and Greenhills.

We wanted to wrap meat in lettuce but sadly, samgyeopsal, our first choice was not available.  We ordered the normal grilled pork instead.  Probably, the size of the serving would be the same.

Of course, our Korean dinner won't be complete without banchan.

Actually, we were disappointed because there are no anchovies or even sweet baby potatoes.  Not sure if they change the combination from time to time.

Here's their version of bibimbap.  Nothing special but we liked it.  

More rice!  Kimchi rice is one of my fave and this one was really amaze-balls.  They put butter and it made the taste of kimchi not too overwhelming.

I enjoyed our first time at Kogi.  The service was fine and food was great.  One drawback I could think of is the price.

What do you think?

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