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by - April 04, 2014

Their mission - Wash.  Blow.  Go.

The first time I heard about this blow dry bar, I got really really interested.  I mean, for someone who's soooooo bad at hair but still wants hers to look good, this one's a heaven sent.  It's the ultimate answer for those who can't even comb style her hair.  Runaway-inspired hairdo in a jiffy?  Well, there's only one place to go.  And I'm not talking about an ordinary salon, ladies.

Blo Blow Dry Bar started in North America and thanks to whoever brought it here to Manila.  Their service is perfect for special events such as graduation, wedding, ball and the list goes on.  Even normal days.  Why not?  If you suddenly feel irritated or dull or let's say you are having a bad hair day, visit them and let them lift up your mood.  I don't know about you, but I always feel waaaay better after getting my hair done or even after applying my fave lipstick.  What's you unusual pick-me-upper?  

You can choose from their 7 signature hairstyles.  If you want something else, just let them know.  Show them a picture at least.

I love the ambiance even if it screams pink.  It's so classy.  They also have a huge frame with Audrey Hepburn's photo.  The place is simple and clean.  Ooh, I tell you.  You and your girlfriends will love this bar - a different kind of bar.  HAHA!

Actually, I got a voucher from Ensogo and it's a perfect timing because there was an upcoming wedding at that time.  If I remember correctly, the original price was 500 and I got the voucher for only 249.  It's only for their new branch at SM Megamall.

I had to schedule an appointment.  The lady there said that one person can only buy a maximum of 2 vouchers.

We skipped the "wash" part and just used a spray, dry shampoo.  It's up to you.  

I was overwhelmed after seeing tons of hair products everywhere.  I forgot to ask if they also sell those.

Next, "blow" time. 

I requested for a low-ponytail with soft curls.  She started curling my hair with an iron.  I was a bit disappointed because there's no heat protector applied on my hair.  Since they specialize in styling, i expected that they won't skip that part.  The iron also quickly touched my scalp twice.  It hurt, but not enough to complain.  

After that, she started to do the ponytail.  Overall, it only took around 30 mins.

Ready to see the result?

Can I just have this hairstyle like... forever??

I loved their hairspray.  It didn't look or feel stiff yet it still did it's job of keeping my hair in place all day.

Stay tuned for the Lookbook post featuring this outfit.

I really recommend Blo.  I would prefer it than going to a usual salon.  :)

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Good luck and have a good hair day!

your sweetest drug,

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