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by - February 19, 2017

Even if you might have already seen these in action in my makeup video, I still wanted to talk about them in detail.  Click here if you want to watch the tutorial first.  I created 3 makeup looks using these three palettes.

So, here's a closer look at each of them.

Each palette retails at 725 php , which I think is pretty reasonable because you get 3 colors and a primer.  It actually reminds me of the ones from Heroine Make.

I think including a primer in an eyeshadow palette is a great idea because it's convenient and it adds more value to the product.


Each of them comes in a compact packaging with a mirror and a sponge-and-brush applicator, which I don't use.  Haha!  They're in good quality though.  I just don't feel like using short brushes in general.  Well, unless maybe if I'm travelling and I don't have a lot of my brushes with me.  It could be handy.

I noticed that the pan moves whenever I rub my finger against it.  Nothing has come off yet though.  Maybe it's just because they're not glued very well.


The eyeshadows are all powdery, not the buttery-powdery type though.  The lighter shades seem to have a chalkier feel, but they don't give too much fallout.

They contain Shea butter, Vitamin E and Evening Primrose Oil that help keep moisture and give that smooth texture.

Warm Brown

This is my favorite among the three palettes.  I think I've been using this almost everyday.  😃 

Even with only three colors, I can still create simple and neutral eye looks.  

It has a nice transition shade in tan color and a dark brown which is perfect for the outer corners or on the upper lash line.

Pink Orchid

I instantly liked the purple taupe color in this palette.  If I wanna take a break from all the browns, I'd grab this instead.

I don't dip much onto the pink shade though.  I think I'll try to put it on my cheeks instead.  😉

Smokey Grey

This palette lacks a transition shade so even if you wanna create a smokey, night-out-ready type of look, you'd need help from your other palettes or pots.  

Maybe once I ran out of the lightest color in the Warm Brown palette, I can take out the lightest from this and glue it to the other one.  Hihi.  Or maybe take out the primer from the Warm Brown too and replace it with the black eye shadow.  Hmmmm.  😊

The black eyeshadow is surprisingly pigmented.

Warm Brown has the least chalky eye shadows and the dark brown and black are the most pigmented ones.  The rest need a little help from primer.

The primer has silicone in it but it feels more on the waxy side.  I find that sometimes, if I apply the eyeshadow on top of it, it makes the color uneven.  Maybe you can also notice that on the swatches above.

Each of them is easy to blend but like I said, not all of them has a nice color payoff, so some could require more work in terms of building the color. 

Nevertheless, I still enjoy using Warm Brown.  Let's say if I go on a quick vacay, I can survive if it's the only eye shadow palette I have with me and at the same time, I can also save more space in my bag.

What do you think?

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