Make Up And Hair (MUAH) - Confessions of a MAC-aholic

by - December 07, 2011

" lucky me, I found the perfect brand of lipstick which offers an EXTREMELY WIDE variety of posh shades." -Ynaj, 21

Thanks to Facebook! HAHA

Meet my ULTIMATE B... Ynaj.  A Gossip Girl and Taylor Swift fanatic, our very own popstar... my best buddy.  

Trip to Boracay (July 2011)

Obviously, she's a MAC lipstick addict.  She had her first few decent lipsticks when she started working in November 2009.  She was never really into wearing make up when she was still in school.  Those first few were from Chanel, but it was too expensive for her to maintain buying the same brand if it runs out.

Picture of her collection...

She can even distinguish the name of each one!  *gasps

"I can't even remember which I had the first but I'm pretty sure of my favorites!"

Imagine having all of these inside your bag?!

So, here's the list of her MOST ABUSED lipsticks...

1. Runaway Red

Her all-time favorite for the Classic Limited collection.  It's a rich red-blue shade which gives her a very fierce look for evening parties.  However, it's not a very strong red shade that's why she can even wear it in the office.

2. Insanely It

From the Sheen Supreme collection which has a very unusual watermelon pink shade.  Best thing about this is that it already makes her lips shine without the need of a lip gloss.

3. Whirls & Twirls

Her new favorite from the Glitter and Ice collection.  Sheer pink with gold pearl shade she can perfectly match with almost anything she wears.

Ynaj would be the perfect person to give you tips on selecting what shade to buy.  Trust me.  #TrueStory

You can check MAC's official website here,
You can also follow Ynaj on Twitter,!/ynajcarino.

How about you?  What's your favorite MAC lipstick?

your sweetest drug,

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