Make Up And Hair (MUAH) - E.L.F.'s Eye Primer & Liner Sealer

by - December 13, 2011

Another post featuring an E.L.F. product.

If you're an eye shadow person, you should have an eye primer.  If you want your eye shadow to last longer, apply this on your lids before putting anything else on.  It prevents smudging and cracking.

249.75 php

This acts as a base and very helpful especially for oily skin.  And also, I noticed that it makes your eye shadow to look more vibrant.

I bought one from E.L.F. at only 250 php.  Yes, very affordable as well.  Since you'll be using this only on your eyelids, the stick will last long.

Some eye primer comes in liquid form, some in cream.  It depends on you.  It looks like a concealer stick but it's not.  :)

Just apply on your eyelids and blend it out gently using your finger.

What I love about this E.L.F. product is that it comes with a Liner Sealer.  Cococococombo!!! :P

I did not notice it at first.  HAHA... :)  What does it do?  It's an alternative for liquid/gel liner.  I super love this! <3

The applicator is very effective!  You can create a perfect line even with shaky hands (like me).  How to use?

Dip on your favorite eye shadow.  Yes, EYE SHADOW. :)  It instantly turns your eye shadow into a liquid and water proof liner!  

I'm sorry I forgot to take a picture.  I promise I will demonstrate this on my tutorial.  :)

Another awesome thing about this Liner Sealer is that the color of your eye liner is not limited to just black or brown.  You can use any eye shadow color!  Use the most pigmented ones though.  I'm using my glittery black eye shadow and its perfect!  It's not very heavy looking and again, the application is sooooooooooooo easy with the wand.

Check out E.L.F.'s site and FB page here.  Enjoy!

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