Make Up And Hair (MUAH) - MAC Over: New Temptation Sheen Supreme

by - December 21, 2011

My first ever MAC Lipstick.  Thanks to Kris for giving it to me as a birthday gift! :P

MAC Sheen Supreme Collection combines the shine of a MAC Lipglass with the lip color.  Its very smooth to apply and surprisingly, not sticky.

It comes with this black slick case.  Its very rich in color and really adds gloss to your lips when applied.  

Look... :)

If you're not into Matte lipsticks, you'll love this MAC collection.  I love this shade since I can wear red without giving me that strong look.

Shiny red...

New Temptation is a vivid blue red shade.  You may want to check your skin tone first before selecting your lipstick shade.  Light bulb!  I'll try to post about it! :)


Check out MAC's website and FB page here.  Goodluck!

your sweetest drug,

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