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by - November 19, 2012

Korean style fried chicken is embraced by us, Pinoys.  Yep, not only K-Pop and Koreanovelas.  :) When the first restaurant opened in Manila, it instantly became a big hit.  Just after a few weeks, branches are everywhere!  Even our local fast food chains are having their own version of this recipe.

Introducing.... 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken.  Why four?  It's owned by 4 people... 4 friends.  Catchy name, huh?

You can visit their branch at SM North EDSA which is located beside National Bookstore and above the food court.

I didn't see how it's made, but they said that they hand-paint the cooked chicken to put on the flavor.  And also, it's deep-fried twice.  That's a plus point because I hate it when I see some blood marks inside my chicken leg.  :P  Hey, I can't eat that!  

I also love the ambiance of the place.  It's like eating in the streets of New York!  Graffiti everywhere (like in subways), roughly painted stone walls, street signs and hanging wires... I love everything!  It's also spacious.

Okay, let's check out the food.  Aside from chicken, they also have fries, calamari, shrimp and burgers.  

Honestly, it's really difficult to distinguish the difference in terms of the taste compared to Bonchon.  

This 2 pc. drumstick rice box meal costs 149 php.  Cheaper?  Not so much.  Larger?  Yes!  That includes a regular soda drink, red tea or green tea.  It's your choice!  You can also upsize it for just 10 php.  Noticed the rice?  I think that's soy garlic sauce.  

For me, what makes this restaurant stand out is their unique presentation.  They serve meals in an aluminum container.  So cool!  Even their paper cups are designed to match the theme.

Green tea is better! :D

This one is a 6 pc. meal.  For only 229 php, you can enjoy crispy wings or drumettes with skinny fries or rice.  Again, this comes with a regular drink.  

Here's the menu.  


Surely, we'll go back to 4 Fingers.  I wanna try Battered Shrimp and Crispy Calamari.  :)

Hopefully, they open more branches soon.  It's really the perfect place when you want a quick snack with your friends and loved ones.  Imagine....an exciting and different vibe plus delicious food.  :)

Visit their website and Facebook page for more updates.

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  1. That looks sooooooo good. I've been craving good chicken wings for months! It sucks being away for college :( And having no car :(



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