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by - November 13, 2012

Can't get enough of chicken wings!!  Here's another resto that can satisfy your cravings for buffalo wings!

Buffalo's Wings N' Things is an American fast food that specializes in of course.....buffalo wings. I like their interior design, it's like eating in an American diner.  *wink

We tried 2 sauces.  The first one (above) is called The Rookie.  Actually, I can't tell any difference by looking at it.  Let me explain first.  Buffalo wings are known to be spicy.  This resto offers them in different sauces and level of spiciness. 

We had 1 pound and chose The Rookie and New York's Finest for our sauce.  I think it's around 8 pieces?  You can choose up to two flavors for this size.

Actually, we didn't quite taste the difference, but I can't imagine the Armageddon sauce!  :P

It's really flavorful.  You'll love every bite.  I also distinguished a sour-like taste.  

Here I go again.... can't survive without rice!  This is called NY Dirty Rice.  HAHA!  It tasted like salsa.  It's okay, but it's like re-heated it in a microwave.  It's super hot when served.

Aside from b-wings, we also tried their Basket of Fries.  Love it!  Crispy and perfectly cooked.

Check out other items on their menu.

Food is a bit expensive.  So most likely, we'll just go back for a quick snack or if we crave for buffalo wings again. :)

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