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by - November 06, 2012

What's your favorite lip look?  Mine is matte.  Even if I'm using a regular lipstick, I turn it into a matte finish.  How?  Check my tutorial here.  

Sometimes, I miss my high school days when we always have a lip gloss in our bag.  It's funny because it's always fruit flavored. :)  I think this is a makeup product that every teen has.

Thanks to Achi for giving me this!!! :)  This is from The Face Shop.

If you want more color, you can apply lipstick. You can also apply lip balm before lip gloss.

My tip when looking for a lip gloss.... get the tinted ones so that you can apply it alone but will still give you the enough color you need.  

Remember, glossy finish will make your lips appear fuller.  If you go for this, try to balance the rest of your makeup.

What do you think?  What's your favorite lip gloss?  Tell me about it below. :)

your sweetest drug,

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