The Chic Closet - Giveaway: EXTENDED!!!

by - November 07, 2012

For those who have already joined... thank you so much!!!  We would like to remind you to like our page and tag us on your FB post.  Some of the Twitter and Facebook profiles are private so we can't see them. :)

Giveaway is now extended and open until next week, November 17, Saturday!!!  We will announce the 3 lucky winners on Sunday and ship the prizes on Monday.  Yay!  

IMPORTANT:  Just to be sure, please prepare a second choice of the item that you want to win.

Hurry and join now!!!  How??  Check out the details here.

As of today, here are the entries...  if your profile is private you can tag The Chic Closet on Facebook and tag me, @chixylove on Twitter. 

To be fair, we'll consider your tweet and FB post as separate entries.  We'll continue to send updates on our Facebook Page.  Stay tuned!!

Looking forward to see your entry!!!  :)

your sweetest drug,

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