BURP GUIDE - Congo Grille

by - November 29, 2012

Congo Grille is just one of the usual food spots serving mostly, Filipino dishes.....BUT... when it comes to sisig, theirs is not that usual.  :)

There's no big difference when it comes to the prices and the food selection.  We ate at Jupiter St. branch and I must say that it's a lot peaceful there. :)

75 php

Starting with their drinks, I had this refreshing watermelon shake.

65 php

They also serve bottomless iced tea which tasted like orange juice. 

210 php

We tried Chicken in Pandan Leaves.  It tasted like normal chicken barbeque, but it's good enough.  

205 php

Next, Sizzling Gambas.  I totally regretted ordering this dish.  Even fried shrimps would taste better.  :(  We asked the waiter to cancel it from our bill because we could not finish it and obviously, we're not happy about it.

175 php

Of course, I saved the best for last!  HAHA!  It's crunchy and very very delicious.  :)  I think there's chicharon in this dish. 

Overall, Congo Grille will be my choice if I crave for sisig.  What about you? 

your sweetest drug,

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