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by - February 02, 2014

Say hello to another month!  How was your January?  Mine was a little depressing because some heartless thieves stole my phone.  Oh well.  I'm just hoping that something better will surprise me soon - in whatever form.  HAHA!

I hope you are not yet bored (and will not get bored) to the series of makeup reviews you're seeing lately.  As I've said, there's a lot more coming up.  But don't worry.  You'll see skin care products too in the coming days.  I have to buy few stuff like moisturizer, face masks, etc.  Any suggestions?

Here's a MUAH post about The Face Shop Make Me Star waterproof gel eyeliner.  

It looks pretty but that's not the reason why I bought it.  I just needed a white or rose gold eyeliner for my waterline so I included this in my little shopping spree at The Face Shop.  And it also reminded me of EM Cosmetics' Rosgold waterliner.

The price?  355 php.  You need to sharpen it like a crayon to get more product.  It's more of a wax type, so it could easily break if you are not extra careful.  

At the other end, there's a rubber smudger.  I haven't used it to blend this eyeliner or anything other than that.  The cover/cap is a real disappointment.  It doesn't stay in place and could be easily removed even if it's just inside your makeup bag.  The smudger itself is not glued.  You can pull it out instantly.  Boo.

Here's a close up.  The color is perfect but unfortunately, it's not effective and not even worth a try if and only if you'd insist to use it for your waterline.  It doesn't stay put and the application is such a difficult task.  I have to glide it 3 or more times to transfer the product.  Most of it just clings to my lower lashes and I hate when that happens.  It looks messy.

I really like the shade.  It looks sparkly too, which really brightens the eyes.  If only the formula is better.  :(

See the lovely glitters?  Instead of using this as an eyeliner, it would be more effective as a highlighter or as a shimmery eye shadow base for this exact shade as least - Peach Shower (07).

Here's the complete set. 

Time for B&A photos!

See?  It hates waterlines and goes to the roots of my lower lashes.  

It's not waterproof.  Well, that's obvious because even waterlines get rid of them in an instant.

I'm giving this product another chance, but this time, as an eye shadow base.  I'll share the results on a separate post.

What I like about it:
  • Color
  • Sparkly effect
  • It could be sharpened - but be extra careful because you might waste some of the product
  • Cute packaging
  • Can double up as an eyeshadow or highlighter
  • Formula is waxy so you can blend it
  • Brightens the eyes because of the pearly texture
  • Some of the glitters will stay even after wiping it 

What I don't like about it:
  • Pricey
  • Doesn't work as an eyeliner for waterlines - at all
  • Poorly made cap and rubber smudger
  • Not long lasting
  • Not waterproof
  • Difficult to apply
  • Too soft, tends to break
  • Looks messy

Overall, I don't like it as an eyeliner.  I don't know if the other opaque colors like Disco Purple, Sky Fever and Indigo Blue work great on the lids though.  I couldn't use Peach Shower just the same because it's pointless to line the eyes with such a pale shade.

What do you think?

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