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by - January 28, 2014

You'll be seeing a lot of makeup features here in the next couple of days. That and Lookbook.  I'll try to squeeze in a Burp Guide post or maybe another Just In once I'm done with the photos.

I'm a little busy with work-related things and on top of that, I'm trying to allot more time for our shop.  Gaaaah!  It's so difficult to juggle work, business, blog and other personal responsibilities.  My enemy?  Time.  Have you experienced this as well?  Any tips how to manage time more effectively?  So stressful.

Moving on, here's the first runner of our lippie mini marathon.

355 php

Isn't she pretty?  Her name is Lovely Pink from The Face Shop Black Label lipstick collection.  

There's no name tag whatsoever, just the number 11.  According to an online store, Black Label collection has 10 shades.  However, when I bought this from The Face Shop Lucky Chinatown Mall branch, I saw only 4.  So I'm not sure if everything is available locally.

Ironically, it doesn't come in a black case.  The packaging still looks good though.  Sleek and sturdy.  

At my first swatch, I thought that's it's gonna be sheer on my lips.  It looks like a tea rose color.  It's very wearable, perfect when you just want to add some tint and it looks so natural.  

Here's our heart swatch!  

The finish is creamy and a little bit glossy.  I like it because it's moisturizing, but you know, I'm loyal to matte lipsticks.  HAHA!

It's very opaque but doesn't give a bold or bright pink color.  It could look like "pinky nude" but still, there's enough pigmentation.

I don't recommend applying 2 or more coats because it might feel very creamy on the lips.  And also, it transfers easily on anything.  I saw it on my tissue, cup and straw.  HAHA!  It could last for hours, yes, provided that your lips are untouched.  But, that's nearly impossible so you have to re-apply as needed.

with flash - sorry for my chappy lips, I'm still recovering from colds :(

I usually apply this on top of my lip tint or lip balm.  It's perfect for soft, romantic and natural makeup looks.

To sum it all up:

Color: Opaque pink, but still looks natural.  Tea rose color, but a little more pigmented.  Very wearable.

Application: Glides smoothly.  It can survive without lip balm.  

Texture: Feels moisturizing.  Light but feels a bit creamy.

Finish: Creamy and a little glossy.

Longevity: Not long-lasting.  Can be easily removed by tissue alone.  It doesn't leave any stain on lips.  

Price: 355 php for a creamy lipstick with good color payoff - not bad!!

I'm loving natural lip look lately, so I'm using this almost everyday!  I recommend Black Label for those who are looking for basic or regular lippies.

What do you think?

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