Just In! - Makeup Kit, Makeup Brush, Lipsticks, Tint and Lip Gloss

by - January 15, 2014

Noticed something????  Something has changed, right???  As you can see, my blog had a makeover.  I'm in love with this new look!  Clean and more readable (I think).  HAHA!  But you can still spot a few errors.  I'll work on that later.  What do you think?

Last weekend, I suddenly felt the urge to change my layout.  After a couple of hours of searching for a template, I finally found my dream blog design (so far).  And after more hours of tweaking the CSS and HTML, I've finally managed to apply my own arrangements and style.  Gaaaaah!  I swear!  I didn't know what to do with the code!  I'm not a PRO.  Luckily, I figured it out later on.

Actually, it looks very similar to the previous one, but this time, I added a "Looped Slider" to show the photos of my recent posts.  It will also direct you to the full content with just a click.

Nuff with that topic.  Now, let me share the stuff for today's Just In post.  Can you spot a product below?

It's a bit funny because I didn't personally buy any of these.  The makeup bag, it's contents and makeup brushes are gifts.  The 2 lipsticks, however are owned by my tita and cousin.  Borrowed them for me to try for a couple of days.

First, this MAC lipstick with amplified creme finish.  It's called Saint Germain, a blue-based pink lippie.  I heard it's one of the top selling shades.  I tried it on and I think it doesn't look good with my medium skin tone.  Since it's a very bright, almost neon pink, it will really pop.  Is this Barbie's fave lip color?  HAHA!

Next, a red lipstick from Rimmel.  It's a shade 11 from Kate Moss Rossetto Lasting Finish collection.  It's a pure, cherry red color.  The bullet might be a little deceiving because it looks so dark, but it's actually not a vampy red.

I will share the swatches on a separate post, so stay tuned. :)

Yay, I have a new makeup bag!  Thanks to Kris' Mom for this dazzling Christmas gift.

At first look, it might seem like a normal pouch.  But wait til you open it!

Tada!  A detachable cover which can be used as an additional storage.

It's a brush compartment, but it can also hold other makeup such as lippies, pencils, and many more.  It also has a plastic cover to protect your brushes.  Love it!

Actually, this bag from The Face Shop comes with 2 products.

I'm excited about the tint.  I haven't tried it on, so I wonder if it will look better on my cheeks or on my lips.  The other one above is an opaque lip gloss.

And last, Kris' gift.  I'm sooooo happy to have new set of makeup brushes!

This is the Core Collection from Real Techniques.  Basically, these are face brushes.  I'm starting to use them and all I can say is... "sooooo fluffy"!  HAHA!  More details about this product soon!

Actually, my EM lipsticks also arrived today and I have another one from Rimmel.  But no photos yet, so will include them in my next Just In post.

Before I end this, let's do the Quickie Update section.  Sorry if I skipped it last time.  Here you go!

Currently Loving:  I have a new favorite blogger!  She's Candice Chen of Makeup Box.  She creates gorgeous makeup looks, especially eye makeup.  She does reviews too, so check out her site.  I wanna recreate some of the looks, but I'm not sure about my skills.  HAHA!  I'll try!

My LSS:  I Need This by Jessie J.  Her voice is just.... amaaaaazing!

Recently Watched:  The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Yea, I know, only now!  HAHA!  Kris told me to watch so I did.  I wanna see the latest one.  I think it's better than LOTR???

ABSpiration Update:  This year, I promised myself to give cardio workouts a chance.  HIHI!

Craving For:  Ramen!  Please blame the cold weather.  :P

Stay safe!  Muah! <3

your sweetest drug,

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