2014 Bucket List and a Few Things We Need to Start Doing

by - January 06, 2014

The best part about saying hello to another year is knowing the fact that life gives us another fresh start, an opportunity to do better and a chance to hope for new things we want to experience.  It won't hurt listing our goals, big or small, or even committing to a couple of changes that would probably make our lives more meaningful.  Today, I decided to share my 2014 bucket list and a few things we need to start doing.

Of course, the number 1 on my list.  TRAVEL.

Where?  Well, I want to experience a food trip in Thailand.  I also want to watch the famous fireworks in Disneyland.  I want to explore the streets of Malaysia or even go back to Singapore.  There are so many places to visit but I wouldn't say no to a Philippine destination as well.  I want to see more beautiful beaches here in our country.  One or two trips this year would be enough.  

Next, the most common.  HAIR MAKEOVER.

Time to visit the salon again for a new hair color.  Any suggestion?  

Here's a challenging one, "go for 350K".

Four to five posts every week!  Fighting!  I just need to manage my time more effectively.

Next, more success to our shop, THE CHIC CLOSET.  

This requires more effort, but knowing that there are people who believe in us, I know it's worth it. :)

I'll also work on joining a PHOTO SHOOT again.  Never give up on your dreams, right?  

I'm still talking to Kris about this and waiting for his approval  (HAHA!), but I really want to buy my own camera.  

There are a lot of new things I wanna try and learn too.  First on the list, SURFING.  Kaya ko kaya?  HIHI!  

Next, DRIVING.  

Kris taught me the basics.  Last time I tried, I freaked out.  HAHA!  How about a driving school this time?

I wanna learn how to play a new instrument.  

Please teach me, my drummer boy!  HIHI!

Most of us aspire to have a bikini bod.  I also admit that before, my only goal is to have VS Angel's abs and take advantage of my crazy metabolism.  But recently, I found the most important reason.  For me, it's to become strong, not skinny.  

Work harder this year!  For a stronger core, legs and arms!  

That's it for my 2014 goals.  Now, here are some things we need to start doing to become happier and more positive.

1. Lesser time on social media - This is a tough one for a lot of us actually, even for me.  But it will seem less impossible if we do it one step at a time.  For example, upon waking up, try to enjoy your breakfast or coffee than checking your laptop, phone or tablet.  Unplug from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and try to have more quality time with your special someone, family and friends.  

2. Be decisive - Apparently, I suck at making decisions.  Well, most of the time.  HAHA!  Good thing, this is curable.  Start by listing the pros and cons.  Then, you'll start to think simply eventually.  Sometimes, you just need to trust your gut.  If it fails, just smile and learn from it.  

3. Worry less - In other words, do not over-think.  No explanation needed.  

4. Appreciate what you have and the people around you - We often take everything for granted.  Once we have something (or someone) we wished for, it's so easy for us to be careless and we always assume that we won't lose it.  

5. Thank more, ask less - Because of image-crafting on social media, we tend to compare ourselves to others.  The result?  We get depressed.  We become unhappy.  We think that the solution is to focus on getting the same things that other people have.  We think that this will feed our craving, but truth is, it will never stop.  So, instead of asking, just be thankful with what you already have.  

6. Create your own happiness - Being happy doesn't require another person or thing, it's an inside job.  Take control and always choose happiness.

7. Plan, write and execute - Start making your own bucket list.  As I have said, every goal, big or small counts.  Don't stop at the planning phase.  Write everything in a notebook.  Then, execute the plan little baby steps at a time.  Make sure it's realistic and remember, quality over quantity.  Break everything down into small parts so it would be easier for you to accomplish.  Avoid crazy, big-time goals.  Why?  Because they tend to fail.  And once you've realized that, you'll lose confidence and you'll be out of track.  Worst, you'll stop and wait for 2015.  Ugh, you'll be wasting so much time, my dear.   

So, I hope this post helps you.  Good luck and cheers to a fresh start!  We can do this!

your sweetest drug,

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  1. Great post!

    Three thoughts:

    1. Three posts a week, Mon, Wed, and Fri.

    2. Go with your natural hair color. It's the best!


    3. I love the top you're wearing in your 2014 Bucket List cover shot!

    Best wishes,


    1. yea, i should follow a sched i think. :D If i get too busy with work, i couldn't keep up.

      Thanks and happy new year!


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