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by - March 06, 2015

From here on out, the days will be more hectic.  I can feel it.  My March is indeed packed with events.  

Tomorrow, I'll be attending Liz Lanuzo's ( 7th Blog-nniversary celebration at Beauty Bar, BGC.  I'm excited! Woohoo!  I'm so lucky (thanks for picking me, Liz)!  For those who don't know her (probably those who are not much into beauty stuff), she's a famous beauty blogger here in the Philippines.  

After that, Kris and I will go straight to Emperador Stadium for the CFL Seeding Games.  Aaaaaaand next to that, a birthday party.  Long-day-Saturday it is!

Next week, preparation for the certification exam retake resumes. Yes, retake because I failed at my first attempt.  Too bad.  But that's no biggie because I know I wasn't ready.  I hate reviewing!

The following weekend, I'll attend another birthday party and my bestfriend's despedida.  It breaks my heart to see her go and leave Manila for good, but that's just life, and I know all I can do is to be happy for her and comfort her because she's immensely unhappy about it too.  

On the 3rd week, I have a reason to be happy (again) because Kris turns 28!  (he's beside me and he's freaking out about that crazy number)  We don't have final plans yet, but for sure we'll just eat and maybe watch a movie too.  Any gift suggestion???

I'm also planning something for my uncle's birthday.  Perhaps, a staycation?  

I told you.  It's going to be a busy month.  But but but, I won't let le blog go on hibernation stage while all of those events are happening.  Actually, feeling a bit productive here because I was able to film a new video.  It's about hair this time!  Yay!  I was about to do another one earlier today but my eyes were so puffy so I didn't push through.  Bummer.

Last thing, I received a bag of goodies from a skincare company the other day.  I'll definitely do a post about it this week.  Not a review though.  Not just yet because I need to try the products first for a few weeks.

That's it!  Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

your sweetest drug,

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