Skin Care 101 - Skin Station's Dermax Retinol-C Instant Effect Wrinkle Therapy

by - April 29, 2015

Recently, I asked Kris a very tricky random question.  Do I look like a 25 year old?  His answer was, "I don't know what a 25 year old woman looks like".  Pft.  Maybe le boyfriend was just trying to play safe.  HAHA!

It's not that I suddenly panicked because I saw signs of aging on mah face.  It was just out of curiosity.  Really.  Now, let me ask you.  Do you go in a state of hysteria whenever you see a new wrinkle?  I hope not.  But in case you do, I know something that could help.

There's an anti-aging superstar you need to meet.

Say hello to Retinol!

Before I tell you all about this product, let me introduce the key ingredient first. Retinol or retonoid or whatever reto-ish word you like to call it, is simply just Vitamin A.  It is one of the best vitamins out there used in the cosmetics world to beautify the skin.  Sometimes, I like to think they called it "A" because that letter stands for "Anti-aging" and that's basically what it is for.

Maybe you're wondering how retinol works.  Uhm, well, it does a LOT of things, but the only thing you need to know is that, it has a power to talk to our skin cells and tell them to behave nicely and work properly.  It goes deep into the dermis (2nd layer) and affect collagen production and breakdown which in turn helps to re-texturize the skin surface.  It also speeds up cell turnover which results to clearer and brighter skin.  So I guess we don't need the fountain of youth after all.

2,500 php

Now that you have an idea how retinol helps reverse signs of skin aging, let's move onto the product review.

Wrinkle Therapy

This is the other Dermax Professional skincare I got from Skin Station.  It promises to soften wrinkles in just 2 minutes!  Instant effect huh!  With long term use, it claims that deep wrinkles would significantly reduced.  

It contains advanced nano-encapsulated retinol, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and other anti-aging actives.  

The product is housed in this pump-cylinder type of packaging.  You might think that the cream's color is green and red but no, it's actually yellow.

During the first week, I encountered a big-time pump malfunction.  HAHA!  I thought it's not working because there's no tube connecting to the pump and the product would not come out.  I was pushing it down real hard many many times but still, no success.  I figured it's because of the cream's consistency.  It's freaking thick!  So I turned the bottle upside down and tap it against my palm to help bring the product at the upper part.  And then, I tried again and it worked.

Before, I was using this day (because it claims to de-puff the eyes) and night (because that's when our skin's regeneration process becomes very active).  However, I noticed that my skin was reacting weirdly (I started spotting some bumps around my cheekbone area near my eyes) so I lessened the frequency to once a day.   Maybe the formula is too strong to be used twice daily?  Well, at least for me.

Like I said, it's a thick cream.  It doesn't melt easily as I massage it onto my face so I make sure I blend it well and leave it for about a minute before applying my next skincare product.

It doesn't have any odd fragrance as well.  It's almost scentless.

If you take a closer look at the photo above, you might notice bead-like gel stuff in there. Uhm, I don't know what those are.  They don't bother me so I guess they're harmless.  :)

The work begins...

I concentrate on my nose area to target my pore dilemma, on my smile lines or nasolabial folds (as you can see below, that's where fine lines start to appear), on my forehead and my eye area (Retinol-C can double up as an eye cream).

As you can tell, I've used up almost half of the cream already and here's what I've observed so far.

  • it really hydrates and retextures the skin - I used to have dry areas around my mouth
  • before, whenever I go back to my bitchy resting face after smiling, my laugh line used to imprint but Retinol-C has helped to diminish those pesky creases
  • I haven't noticed any drastic changes around my eyes, but it moisturizes that area as well
  • my pores have been behaving very well - Thanks retinol for micro-managing them!!  HAHA!  I think my current toner is also a good sidekick!
  • no peeling
  • no itchiness and other irritations except for the bumps I got whenever I use it twice a day (the trick is to just apply it only on my smile lines if I want to use it at day time)
  • never-a-dull-moment because it also contains Vitamin C which brightens up the skin
  • it's hard to tell if the "instant effect" is really happening, though I do love how it keeps fine lines almost invisible all day 

Prevention is better than cure!

If you're not brave enough (and if you're wallet is not yet ready) for the expensive botox and laser treatments, you can opt to buy retinol creams to deal with wrinkles.  Oh yes, those wrinkles that come with age.  All of us cannot avoid it but surely, we can delay it.  Remember, prevention is waaaaaay cheaper than cure!

Over-the-counter or drugstore retinol creams are usually pricey but they're worth it.  I really suggest you try incorporating it in your skincare routine especially if you really really need something to slow down your skin's aging process.  If you ask me, I'd like to make it a permanent part of my nighttime beauty regimen.

A few more tips...

Before diving in, make sure you do not have any hypersensitivity with retinol.  You can talk to a dermatologist first.  Btw, doctors are available at Skin Station clinics for consultation, so take advantage of that if you're planning to buy Dermax Retinol-C.  *wink

Make sure to use sunscreen because early signs of aging are caused by harmful UV rays.  Protect and prevent!

This whole anti-aging thing won't ever work if you have bad lifestyle.  Yes, retinoid creams can help but you need to help them too.  

What do you think?

Check out SkinStation's website and like them on Facebook to know more about their products and services.   

your sweetest drug,

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  3. Near-infared light stimulates cell activity and increases the production of collagen and elastin. Acne Clinic NYC

  4. "This whole anti-aging thing won't ever work if you have bad lifestyle"
    Yes exactly! I treat creams such as these only as supplements for my skin and only limited the use for eliminating dry spots.

    As you've said, it won't work if you got bad habits. Yes, and we need good sleep, exercise and a good diet plus hygiene if we want the anti aging effect to work

    Even the best anti aging products in the Philippines wouldn't be effective by itself.

    Great point on that one!

  5. Most dermatologist suggest to never use retinol and vitamin c at the same time because they make each other ineffective. Would anyone enlighten me please?

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