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by - August 20, 2013

For those who already watched my short video, I'd like to know what's your pick among the 7 lip colors.  I can't really decide what to use for that look.  Help??  :)  Seems to match everything, right?  Anyway, here's a post to explain how I came up with each combination.  Special thanks to my evil twin sister for helping me show you the transition from 1 color to another.  HAHA!

As mentioned yesterday, this technique will help you maximize your current lip-makeup collection.  I admit, I only have 4 lipsticks (have already let go of the others) and 3 lip liners.  But mixing a color with another one instantly doubles up the the power of your single lip pencil or lipstick.  You can even take it to the next level by changing the finish to matte, glossy or frosted.  Remember my previous video here?

I used...
  • nude
  • pale pink
  • bold pink
  • soft pink
  • red
  • natural color
  • deep plum eyeshadow (optional)
left: old rose | right: nude

Nude to Old Rose
Transform nude lips to a more natural looking lips by applying a slightly brownish red over.  This is the easiest tip for those who are not comfortable with nude lip look.

right: plum | left: old rose

Old Rose to Plum
Here's an ultimate technique on how to achieve that day-to-night makeup.  By changing your natural looking lips to a deeper and fiercer look.  If you're uneasy with bold, red lips, try plum!  The best part, you don't have to buy a separate lipstick just to create this.  Dab on some deep plum or maroon eye shadow and you'll be ready for the night life in no time!

left: hot pink | right: dolly pink

Dolly Pink to Hot Pink
The easiest color to play with is pink.  Why?  Because every shade looks lovely and the difference is quite noticeable.  Transform a dolly pink color to a playful hot pink by applying a red lipstick or lip liner over.  

left: Fuschia Pink | right: soft pink

Soft Pink to Fuschia Pink
You can even mix "pinks"!  If you are getting bored of soft pink lips, try to add more pigments!  Grab a brighter pink lipstick or lip liner and transform that sweet, innocent look to a daring look in a jiffy!  

So again, let me ask... what's you pick??  I also wanna know how you mix your lip colors and what's your fave combination.  :)  

Transforming lip looks also has an effect to your overall makeup.  Noticed the difference of each color with 1 makeup look?  If you already have pink, red and nude in your kit, it's enough to create more colors.  No need to buy new ones!  But hey, let's admit, having a wide collection is every girl's dream.  But like me, my wallet is not yet ready for that.  HAHA!  :P  How about having 10?  Maybe 5?  Anyway, just have fun mixing!!!

Good luck!!!

What do you think?

Filming a video is really hard.  Not to mention the editing process. HAHA!  Extra-major respect to Youtube vloggers out there!  Considering that mine is crappy, I couldn't believe that I needed several days hours  just to finish everything. (limited talent and limited resources HAHAH!) The challenging part was setting up the lighting, framing and focus.  Whew!  But hey, I'm okay with the output and I love editing videos.  Thanks to Kris for the EOS Utility tip and for the camera, of course.  

your sweetest drug,

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